Thursday, February 5, 2009

Michael Phelps - busted!

Seriously, I was/am a HUGE Michael Phelps fan, he is what even started my interest in watching the Olympics last year. Before, I never had the desire. I watched almost every event faithfully and was almost sad when it came to an end. I'm sure by now you have all seen the dreaded photo of Phelps taking a hit from the bong (the media sounds so archaic when referring to it as a marijuana pipe, it's a freakin' bong!) When I first saw the photo, I didn't feel disappointed, I felt a feeling of, "how could you be SO stupid?!" Did he really think that NO one was going to seize the opportunity to present this to the media? And the way the media is attempting to crucify him, give me a break! I understand that in doing this he touched upon some moral clauses in some of his contracts, but should we REALLY hold celebrities, athletes, and such to a higher standard than we do ourselves or other commoners such as ourselves? First of all, this isn't something I would discuss with my children at the dinner table, and if the media would quit flashing it every 30 minutes, our kids would be none the wiser, IF it was truly their concern that he's letting so many children down. Secondly, I want my children to understand that none of us, even celebs, are without flaws and faults. IF I choose to discuss this with my children, I don't want them to think Michael is a horrible person, he just did a stupid thing and made a mistake. And no one that I know is immune to that. So, I say, lay off of MP. I'm sure he regrets this 10x over. He has to live with that, not us.


Debbie said...

And he needs to realize his friends will sell him out:)