Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Bachelor turns out to be the biggest LOSER!

There was a time that I swore I would never become victim to reality television... that seems like an eternity ago now. The latest reality demon to pull me in was the Bachelor. Now in all honesty, I've only watched snippits of prior seasons and happened to watch the last season finale of the Bachelorette. That's where I, as well as many other folks, became a Jason Mesnick fan. That's where we watched evil DeAnna strike him down, sending him home roseless and an emotional wreck. (we later learn that Jason deserves an Oscar when it comes to emotional breakdowns) To me, he came across as a sincere, good guy, and I felt so sorry for him.
On this season of the Bachelor, we watched Jason go through many bright, beautiful women, eliminating them all down to two, Melissa and Molly. I myself have been a big Melissa fan the entire show, she IS from Dallas, after all, and as cute as she can be. She has a bubbly, fun personality and was just charming. Nothing against Molly, she held several of those attributes as well, but Melissa just shined a bit brighter, to me. In the end, Jason thought so too, or so we thought! After giving Melissa the last rose and sending Molly on her way, Jason then decides that "he still has feelings for Molly" and dumps Melissa in front of millions on national television.
I feel just as suckered as Melissa, and I didn't even date the dude! What a creep he is. I also have to feel that something is just a "little off" with Molly for her to even consider giving Jason a second chance. I was so hoping that Molly was gonna give him the hand! I'll never quite understand, that if his feelings for Molly were SO deep, why he chose Melissa - I'm assuming, neither will she. Who'd have thought the Bachelor would turn out to be the BIGGEST LOSER!?


...The Obnoxious SAHM.... said...

Hi! I found you when you followed me on Twitter! I can't agree with you more! Jason is a douche'! BOOO!!! love, your newest follower. ME!

kristi said...

I am so glad that I didn't waste my time watching this...but I heard about it from my sister who watches!