Sunday, November 25, 2007

My Black Friday experience.....

Well, we had a good Thanksgiving. It's always nice to be with family on the holidays. Of course we had the full spread, and I ate WAY too much. I'm guessing I've made up for it within the past 48 hours though. With all of the stores opening so early this year, I decided that I would stay awake Thanksgiving night and just go shopping. Well, at about 3am I decided to venture on down to Walmart to see what was happening there. I scoured the store for an hour or so to try an plan my strategy at 5. Then, it was time to put my game face on. I found a group of women hovering over the Chicken Dance Elmo, so I worked my way up through them. In our hour of waiting before the clerks say "GO!" we all kind of bonded and formed a 'system' as to how we were going to help one another grab what we needed when the go ahead was given. We saw people in the distance pointing to those Chicken Dance Elmos, so we knew this was going to be a challenge. My duty? Holding our buggies. So at 5, when we heard "GO!" It was on!! Our little plan worked! We all were able to get what we had wanted, and noone lost a limb! It was great. So thanks to my fellow Walmart team members, hope to see ya again next year ;) My shopping continued until 10pm the following day. I was a tad bit delirious by the time I made it home that evening, but hey, I'm almost done with ALL of my shopping already!