Wednesday, October 22, 2008

When did Christianity become such a dirty word?

During the course of this tiring election campaign, I've been saddened by the way people seem to freak out over the word, "Christianity." As a country we're told constantly to be a respector of persons, which seems like a good way to be, respector of others' religious beliefs, which, I've never had a problem with doing. But during the past few months, Christianity has been mocked in an unbelievable way. Whether it be by talking-heads in the media, SNL skits, cartoon illustrations, etc. Christianity has taken the brunt of many jokes. I don't know if others feel like Christians think they are perfect, judgemental people, but it's quite the contrary. Most Christians KNOW they're imperfect, that's the first stepping stone to becoming a Christian. When did it become such a bad thing to stand on your moral principles and values? When did it become acceptable to mock others' religious beliefs? This is just something that has been weighing on my mind, and I wanted to get some others' perspectives on this.


Minxy Mimi said...

Ive not noticed Christianity being mocked more so recently. Ive seen Senator Obama being called a "so-called Christian" and his beliefs and practices questioned. Ive seen Governor Palin being asked questions about her beliefs, but not mocked. Perhaps I dont watch the news media that does this. I tend to watch mainly CNN. I think that SNL does so, and always has... remember The Church Lady? LOL
But I think that this election time has brought out the intolerance in many of us, and it saddens me. We all deserve to be treated fairly and respectfully.

TexasMomof3 said...

That would be just about every single media news outlet? Palin's beliefs have been the center of MANY jokes and just disrespectful comments. I guess it all goes back to that "perception" thing we all have. said...

Thanks for your insight! I don't know if all of the religious fallout is from the media or not, but I'm always receiving emails about O'bama is a terrorist Muslim and it's making me sick! I'm not necessarily an O'bama supporter, but it's just a last straw example. The US Constitution guarantees freedom of a country that was founded upon strong religious beliefs and by people who wished to escape religious persecution, I find it disturbing that religious diversity and acceptance is almost non-existent. I hope this is something that we can remedy before the next generation has to face the fallout.