Thursday, October 9, 2008

Republicans need to take charge!

As you can tell, I've really been slacking at my blogging! The summer kept us super busy, but now with school starting again, things are getting back on track(as well as they do around here anyway)
With the fast approaching election there have been some things weighing on my mind -- like, the entire future stake of our country. I'm scared, scared to death, as I am sure many of you are as well. The economy -- you bet we're feeling it. In more ways than one. Who really is to blame for this unimaginable crisis? Some say the greedy lenders, some say the individuals who pursue loans. I'm not sure any one element can accept full blame. I think the better question in all of this is -- WHO are we going to trust to fix it? Many things have surfaced regarding ties between members of the Democratic party and FM/FM. We know about campaign contributions received by Barney Frank since 1989, not to mention his "oh so cozy" relationship with FM executive, Herb Moses. Now, you tell me, is that the party we want controlling vital economic areas of our government? I think not, at least I know that I don't! We NEED to, as Republicans, stand up and cheer louder, be more vocal, and put more information like this on display to help educate those undecided voters. I wish so badly that my party would get more fired up, we're about to hand over our White House! When I say hand it over, that's basically what we're doing. We need to stand up for our conservative values and principles. We need to support our ticket with passion. I'm afraid of what November may bring, and if it happens, it may just be MY fault...


A Mom for McCain said...

Love your 'dot' background. It's so modern!
I agree, let's fight the good fight! God bless-