Thursday, October 30, 2008

Last minute Halloween ideas!

Halloween is tomorrow, are you finding yourself scrambling around trying to come up with some last minute ideas? Try utilizing some of what you might already have! Try dressing the little one up as a farmer using already purchased overalls with a button down collared shirt. Top it all off with a straw hat, and you're good to go! Do the kids have any sweatsuits? You can make a bunny costume in no time using a white sweatsuit by attaching a ball of cotton or fuzz by safety pin to the bottoms. Then make ears out of stiff paper or cardboard and attach to a headband! Use face paint to complete the look. One year, my daughter went as a black cat. We used a black leotard, a feather boa pinned to the bottom for a tail, and completed the look with a store purchased cat ears headpiece. I painted on some whiskers and a nose, and she was so cute! You'd be surprised with what you can come up with last minute just by utilizing old clothing items and things around your house. Look around and see what you come up with!


Chris said...

Great ideas! You must have a nack for that kind of thing.