Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The day has arrived... what kind of change do you want?

Well it's here, November 4th. I've had a bit of anxiety leading up to this day, as sad as that might sound, I'm not alone. As I walked my husband and daughter out this morning when they were leaving for their day, a group of children, probably in their early teens, were talking about the election. My own children have had a great interest in this election and the process of the way it works. They are aware of my concerns, though I try not to impose them onto their young little minds. Granted I'm only 30, so I haven't had the experience of many elections under my belt as of yet, I know that this particular one holds so much value not only for me, but for my children and their children. I hope people have truly informed and educated themselves before going out to cast their vote today. I hope that people do not forget about issues such as Homeland Security, and Immigration. I hope that people realize that even though the platform sounds dreamy, that it may be just that -- a dream. That is MY HOPE. Do we need a change? -- sure, but not a 4.3 TRILLION dollar change. Not that kind of change at this time in our country. I pray that people go, get out and vote. The lines will be long but in the end, YOU can make a difference in how this day turns out. God Bless America!


Chris said...

My kids and I have had many discussions about the election. They have there opinions and it always interests me to hear them. To see things from their point of view is interesting to me. I went out and cast my vote. Now I am anxiously watching the results.