Monday, November 10, 2008

At home laser hair removal!!

Ok, some might not be nearly as excited as I am over this, but I am WAY excited! I seriously have to shave my legs every day(or should anyway) and as I'm sure most of you know, that can be a big pain in the you know what! Now they've made a personal use product that you can use right at home as opposed to spending major $$$ for repetitive treatments at an esthetician's office. Check it out! : TRIA Personal Laser Hair Removal System

What’s in it for me? • No more constant shaving. • No more painful waxing. • No more inconvenient office appointments. • Lasting results with just one treatment every 4 weeks for 6-8 treatments. • Skin so smooth, it’s as if the hair was never there.

The going rate is right under $1,000. Not exactly cheap, but in the long run, I'd think way worth it!


Chris said...

Sounds great! I hoppe it works for you.

g4m4 said...

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